What writing project do you have waiting?

Hiring a professional ghostwriter shifts the burden of writing your material onto other capable shoulders. You still receive full credit for your expertise and insight, while the ghostwriter is happy to arrange your ideas for print or digital publication, with or without a byline. Getting that process underway is as simple as scheduling a call to discuss your project.

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Get your business book written

Nothing says “expert” more clearly than a published book brimming with your ideas. Assign the writing task to a ghostwriter who can write your book quickly and efficiently. Then you’ll be ready to —

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    Sell books in the back of the room at your next speaking engagement

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    Give potential clients a glimpse of what you can do for them

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    Distribute tangible thank-you gifts to teammates

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    Prove the value you bring to your clients

Leave a Legacy Through memoir

Writing a memoir? Collaborate with a ghostwriter to fine-tune your words into a story that keeps your readers turning pages.

The fresh perspective of a professional writer will refine your prose so its best elements shine through, telling a unified and focused story that remains true to your narrative. At the same time, for a project so close to your heart you’ll want your ghostwriter to care about you and your story. You’ll want a congenial working relationship built on mutual trust.

Karen Ingle Freelance strives to provide that balance between skilled wordsmithing and caring teamwork. Reach out today to begin getting acquainted.

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Beyond books

Ghostwriting is for short formats, too. Any communications you transmit can be written for you—by a real human—without your having to type a word. Bring Karen Ingle Freelance your writing projects such as:

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    Case studies

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    White papers

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    Blog posts

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Ready to team up ?

The heart of ghostwriting is teamwork. Your ghostwriting teammate will save you time and energy, conveying your message in your voice through the written product you need.

Don’t put off getting your words into the world any longer. Find out how to get your project out of your head and into polished writing.

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