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When your writing is done but you just aren’t sure it’s finished, put an experienced freelance editor and proofreader to work for you. An editor can review your manuscript on multiple levels: from the broadest overview of your structure and style down to a line-by-line check for clarity, according to your needs. With the editing complete, you’ll want a proofreader who can spot errors, locate weak wording, and correct grammar or syntax without compromising your unique voice.

Save yourself all that nit-picking time by letting Karen Ingle’s fresh eyes scour your pages. She’ll seek out every opportunity to hone your text into a message as correct as it is compelling. You’ll come away with a manuscript worth bearing your name.

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Save time: let a detail-oriented proofreader clean up your copy

You have plenty to do without sweating the small stuff. Karen Ingle’s love of verbal minutiae makes her the ideal person to spot grammar or punctuation errors. She’s also quick to catch names that didn’t get changed, formatting that’s inconsistent, and parallel constructions that went awry. (Among other varieties of “word weeds.”)

You have stared at your copy long enough. Let a new pair of eyes spot the overlooked slipups that remain.

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Editing to enhance your entire manuscript

As an editor, Karen also enjoys stepping back to view the bigger picture. She can help you:

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    Determine the best structure for your manuscript based on your audience and publishing objectives

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    Identify your manuscript’s weak elements, and propose strengthening strategies

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    Smooth flow and increase coherence

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    Tune each line to make your words sing

At all times, you are the final decision maker. You can accept or reject all proposed changes. This work, after all, is yours.

Publish with confidence

Earn your audience’s respect with writing that shines. With the help of Karen Ingle Freelance editing and proofreading services, you can make sure your message is clear, powerful, and error-free.

Contact Karen today to arrange for a free consultation. Discuss the goals you have for your writing, and the type of editing or proofreading you want. The sooner you set her to work on your words, the sooner your message can start impacting your readers.

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