I’ve watched the art and science of writing change over time. I’ve tracked the evolving rules and tools of the craft. I’ve turned in my manual typewriter for a laptop. Once communicating required postage or wires or celluloid. Now we speak to each other digitally.

With a sweeping perspective like that, I enjoy the adventure of writing now more than ever.

My Writing Life

From scrawling childish stories  in notebooks, to reporting for the college newspaper, to blogging for pleasure, I can’t remember not writing. Long before I freelanced, I did technical writing, created printed marketing pieces, and drafted a novel. In the process I developed skills in research, interviewing, writing and editing. (For a thorough listing of my varied experience, visit my LinkedIn profile.) It’s only logical that I would direct my passion for writing into a full-fledged career.

My History

California-born and now Minnesota-based, I have graduated from teaching (high school, elementary school and homeschool) into the second career I’ve always wanted. I get to write for a living. I get to tell stories about real people and their pursuits. Most of us have more adventures in our background than others would ever guess. For example, I’m pretty much a homebody. Yet I’ve found myself visiting Canada, Mexico, Russia and France. I travel like I shop: accomplish the goal, then go home. I took those trips to visit relatives, serve in an orphanage, adopt children, and research a book — in that order. And oh, what I learned along the way!

Now, I’m about to tell you a well-kept secret. Science fascinates me, but most people don’t know I earned a degree in chemistry. During my “scientific phase”, I interned with a civil engineering facility doing biological research and test equipment development. Alongside my college professors, I assisted in academic research and taught a lab class. (That’s where I discovered my love for teaching.)

There. Now you know.

Most of my friends picture me teaching. Some see me speaking. They don’t realize I thrive on learning. Learning has kept me nimble each time my life changed. As a widowed single mother, I learned sales and marketing for a financial planning software developer. Remarried, I joined my husband in exploring the bed and breakfast world. With five children, we entered the sustainable farming movement, learning to raise and market locally grown food. (We still have chickens to prove it.)

And here I am now, writing.

Because if all that could happen in a life as quiet as mine, I just know there are even more powerful stories just waiting to be released into the world.


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Bed & Breakfasts, Hospitality

Marriage & Family

Pregnancy Help & Adoption

Elder Care

Christian Ministry & International Missions

Dentistry, Medicine, Applied Science


Sustainable Farming

“You can find that level of dedication in a freelancer who specializes in your industry, or you can build a long-term relationship with a strong content generalist who takes the time to develop that depth of knowledge about your individual company.” – Sonia Simone at Copyblogger

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